Female and Male Wizard



Fighting style




Specialty Ice Fire

The Wizard

Is a mystical class and fights with elemental magic.

When enraged, they delight in immobilizing their foes with ice magic or burning them with fireballs. They are not to be criticized as they have a cool attitude but a hot temper.

Wizards have very powerful attacks which comprise of many spells which can help in Mass combat. They can level up easy using their spells which can kill 2-4 enemies in an instant.

Armed with a dangerously magical staff, wizards can unleash the ravaging forces of fire and ice upon their enemies, while offering their friends rejuvenating energies and spells.

Unique Stats

There are now 2 unique stats for the wizard class:

  • Fire Mastery: Increases the power of Fire Spells.
  • Ice Mastery: Increases the power of Ice Spells.


Talents are grouped into 3 specializations per class, and each talent has a max level which unlocks a powerful Ultimate ability when reached.

  • Wizard talents are grouped into: Fire, Arcane, Ice.

Fire Wizard

Whether hurling incendiary fireballs, conjuring up burning shock waves, or even looking to the stars to bring flaming meteors down upon their enemies’ heads, these powerful wizards are the indisputable masters of fire.

Ice Wizard

Unleashing torrents of arctic biting winds and summoning forth the chilled rage of devastating ice storms, these masters of the cold, armed with deadly ice javelins, prefer to numb, freeze, and slowly obliterate their enemies with a frosty death. Known, too, for their keen sense of defense, Ice Wizards can conjure up massive frozen ice shields, impenetrable to the blows of others.

Weapon and Armor

Wizards use staffs, cloth robes. These staffs can be acquired by monster drops or by woodcrafting. Cloth, shoes, belts, hats and gloves can be acquired by monster drops or by tailoring.

Wizards cannot use any shields as they always use Two-handed staffs. Physical protection of wizards is low compared to that of other classes though their elemental protection is very high. 


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talenttree: Fire Spell Talenttree: Arcane Spell Talenttree: Ice Spell Crafted gear Elder Gear Dropped gearRune
Ice Floes Ice Floes x x staff
Ice storm Ice Storm x x
Ice javelin Ice Javelin x x
Deepfreeze Deep Freeze x x
Bitter Chill Bitter Chill x
Hoarfroast Hoarfroast x
Glacial spike Glacial Spike x
Ice Shield Ice Shield x
Crystallize Crystallize x
Ice affinity2 Ice Affinity x
Ice mastery Thermal Shell x
Shockwave2 Frost Nova x
Invisibility Invisibility x
Magic power Magic Power x
Frost fire Frostfire x
Kalisar's Vitality Kalisar's Vitality x
Rift bonded Rift Bonded x
Mind spark Mind Spark x
Elder Bane Elder Bane x
Arcane alacrity Arcane Alacrity x
Permafrost Permafrost x x robe
Pyromania Pyromania x robe
Inferno Inferno x
Inner Fire Inner Fire staff
Arcane dash Blazing Speed x
Fireburst Fire Burst x
Scorching burn Scorching Burn x
Mana fire Mana Fire x
Fireball Fireball x
Flaming meteoot Flaming Meteor x x
Spirit orb Spirit Fire x staff
Combust Combust x