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Villagers & Heroes is a 3D fantasy cross-platform MMO available for PC and mobile.



Explore a massive world with thousands of story-driven quests, hundreds of unique zones, some unique Zingaras and countless treasures to be found!

Party-up with friends to raid dangerous lairs or vanquish powerful Elder Bosses!
Ride to glory on mighty steeds, ferocious wolves, menacing spiders, nimble deer, and many more exotic mounts!
Forge your own weapons and outfits, enchanting them with exactly the Magical Spells and Heroic Feats you choose!
Craft, garden, ranch, fish, mine, cook, tailor, smith, and gather plants and bugs - master 10 unique villager skills!
Build the mightiest village in the Seven Realms together with your friends, and reap powerful village rewards!
Play seamlessly between Mobile and PC, sharing the same account on any device, wherever you go!


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