Experimental prototype.

Uses LUA scripting.

The intentions are:

To be able to move toward having lists of certain types of information stored in exactly one place that can be edited. Then various pages that display that information can all pull it from the central location. Rather than having the same data maintained separately in many static pages.

To leverage the reduced need to maintain the data in multiple locations to allow easier production of more different types of views of the same information.

For example:

The generation of resource table that can be sorted by name, level, category (as show below) become practical.

If sufficient data is available regarding harvests, resources, vendor items, and recipes then it becomes practical to write a script to generate the list of all the items required for a given recipe.

Resource List

The actual data for the table below is on the page Module:Data/Resources.

Resource Level Category
Admirable Bolete 1 Mushroom
Alewife 5 Fish
Apricot Jelly Mushroom 5 Mushroom
Black Army Cutworm 5 Bug
Bluegill 1 Fish
Copper Ore 1 Mineral
Green Apple 1 Fruit
Large Bluegill 4 Fish
Maricopa Harvester Ant 1 Bug
Oak 5 Wood
Oak Gall 5 Fruit
Pine 1 Wood
Red Apple 1 Fruit
Redheaded Fireworm 5 Bug
Shiny Copper Ore 4 Mineral
Stout Pine 4 Wood
Tin Ore 4 Mineral

Zones for a given resource

View the source to see the below is not static, but generated from the 'database' on page Module:Data/Resources

Alewife can be found in zones: Ardent City, Dagmar Strand, Lake Kiwa

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