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Female and Male Priest



Fighting style





Health Restoration

The Priest has two routes; one as a healer - calling upon the magics of the land to heal him and his allies or a dark Priest who curses their victims. When all else fails, The Priest will charge into the fight, showing their enemies how cruel and unforgiving a bludgeoning mace can be to those in its path.

Priests are adept at healing magics and can heal themselves or their allies using their spells. They can help a lot in killing difficult bounties by increasing the chance of survival of the Party.

Their spells are not only composed of healing magics but damaging ones too. A must have in a party.

The Armour used is commonly found in either a priest store or can be crafted from the Tailoring skill. The Woodcrafting skill is another must have to create better, more advanced clubs and shields for your priest class.

  • Armor can be Helmets, Armor, Belts, Gloves, Boots, (crafted, dropped, elder)
  • Weapons can be Club/Mace and Shields (crafted, dropped, elder)
  • Amulet and Rings: dropped
  • Scepter: dropped
  • Trinket: dropped


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talenttree: Holy Talenttree: Balance Talenttree: Shadow Crafted gear Elder Gear Dropped gear Rune
Divine hammer.png Divine Hammer x
Smite.png Smite x
Bless.png Bless x
Restore.png Restore x
Divine Acuity.png Divine Acuity x
Holy Bolt.png Holy Bolt x
Cure.png Cure x amulet
Mass heal.png Mass Heal x
Heal.png Heal x x x
Mass absorb shield.png Mass Absorb Shield x
Devotion.png Devotion x
Absorb shield.png Absorb Shield x
Vitality.png Vitality (Priest) x
Intellect.png Intellect
Rebuke.png Rebuke x amulet
Condemn.png Condemn x
Elder bane.png Elder Bane x
Corrupting plague.png Corrupting Plague x
Judgement.png Judgement x
Contagion.png Contagion x
Spectral Acuity.png Spectral Acuity x
Corruptio1.png Corruption x
Darkfrost.png Dark Frost x
Gloom.png Gloom x
Vampiric pact.png Vampiric Pact x
Shadow blast.png Shadow Blast x
Shadow Orbs.png Shadow Orbs x
Shadow bolt.png Shadow Bolt x