Female and Male Hunter



Combat style





Marksman, Survival, Nature

The Hunter is the spy of the forest: fast, deadly, silent, well-informed and the very first to strike.

They pride themselves for being ready for everything, be that fighting, fleeing or healing their friends. They are the defenders of all that is good and green in this world.

Hunters have the longest range of all classes, making distance their greatest defense. They can also engage many monsters in combat at once and have specific area of effect (AOE) feats that can damage many monsters at the same time.

Unique Stats

There are now 2 unique stats for the wizard class:

  • Nature Mastery: Increases the power of Nature Spells.
  • Marksman Mastery: Increases the power of Marksman Spells.


Talents are grouped into 3 specializations per class, and each talent has a max level which unlocks a powerful Ultimate ability when reached.

  • Hunter talents are grouped into: Marksman, Survival and Nature.


Precision, speed and immensely powerful arrows capable of annihilating with a single shot.


Drawing on the roaring power of the forest, Nature escels in the art of lethal poisons and invigorating healing spells.

Weapon and Armor

Hunters use bows, cloth robes. These bows can be acquired by monster drops or by woodcrafting. Cloth, shoes, belts, hats and gloves can be acquired by monster drops or by tailoring.


Skills, Talents, Outfit

Name Talenttree: Marksman Talenttree: Survival Talenttree: Nature Crafted gear Elder Gear Dropped gearRune
Splintershot Splinter Shot x
Woodland arrow Woodland Arrow x
Gift of the dryad Gift of the Dryad x
Bandage Bandage x
Dash Dash x
Strnth of the bear Steady x
Wounding shot2 Wounding Shot x
Resourcefull Resourceful x
Baleful quiver Virulent Quiver x
Nature Mastery x
One with the wild One with the Wild x
Retreat Retreat x
Distract Distract x
Venomp of the serpent Venom of the Serpent x
Concussion shot Concussion Shot x
Ferocity of the wolverine Ferocity of the Wolverine x
Noxious shot Noxious Shot x
True shot2 True Shot x
Poison shot Poison Shot x
Slowing shot2 Slowing Shot x x
Sneak Nature's Veil x
Cripling shot Crippling Shot x
Tempest of the roc Tempest of the Roc x
Elder Bane Elder Bane x
Focus Focus x Robe
Naturalisme Naturalism x x Robe
Murder Murder x