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Villagers and Heroes Reborn – Wiki

Combat is one of the main gameplay aspects of Villagers and Heroes along with gathering, crafting, gardening and ranching. All classes can play solo, though the elder bosses are intended to be fought in a group. Villagers and Heroes uses the "holy trinity" of MMO combat, with professions taking on a main role as tank, damage (dps), or healer.

Combat basics


On PC, the center tool bar holds ten skills, while on mobile, the skills are arranged in two groups of four.

<insert picture of skill bar on PC and skills area on mobile>

Skills can come from talent points spent, an equipped weapon or neck slot item. Skills can be rearranged to any order a player prefers. If a player has more than 10 skills, extra skills can be swapped. On PC, this is done by dragging the icon from the Character Talents window to the skills bar. On the mobile version, the skills are selected from a drop down menu shown when long-pressing a slot.

Combat mode

Any character engaging in combat or taking damage from an enemy is placed in "combat mode", Combat mode can affect your speed as well as health and spirit regeneration. In addition, you cannot teleport during combat. Combat mode ends when the enemies are all dead or far enough away.

Avoiding attacks

Players can avoid attacks by dodge rolling. (Default key is 'Z.' Not currently available on mobile)


A player can target an enemy by:

  • pointing and clicking with the mouse, or
  • selecting the nearest, and cycling through all enemies in range with [Tab] or [Shift+Tab] (default).

Hitting or clicking '~' or any targeting spell will cause the player to attack the nearest enemy if none is selected.

[Mobile: tap to target. Used to be away to cycle - not sure if it is there anymore]

Spell fusion

Two classes can sometimes combine spells for powerful effects.

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