A Theater Affair
Quest Giver Hilda E5 in Summer's Hollow
Level 2
Type Main Quest
Location Summer's Hollow
Rewards 49 copper
2800 XP
Fire Gloves
Prerequisite Quest Headed to Hilda
Next Quest What Does Eugenio Know?


Hilda said she will give me a pair of Wallaby boots for free, if I get Clementine DeClancy's autograph for her, and also find out what Clementine's favorite perfume is for her. She gave me pen and parchment. It's time to go to the theater!

Quest Giver

Hilda E5 in Summer's Hollow.


  • Talk to the Ticket Usher and get into the Theater.
  • Get an autograph from the famous actress, Clementine DeClancy.
  • Clementine vanished, right before my eyes! And everyone in the theater saw you talking angrily with Clementine. Talk to Constable Dugan at once to clear your name!
  • Dugan wants me to find the note that Chauncey left behind. The note will be somewhere in the back tunnels of the theater prop stage.

He also wants me to talk to Clementine's fiancé, Hugo, and see if he knows anything about the vanishing.

  • Return to Constable Dugan.
  • Talk to the Mysterious Apparition.
  • Return to Hilda and give her the Autograph of Clementine DeClancy.
  • Give Constable Dugan's badge to Mayor Gummel.


  • 49 copper
  • 2800 XP
  • Fire Gloves (different depending on the class you play)


  • Speak to the ticket usher nearby and he will teleport you to the theater when he sees your Theater Ticket.
  • Talk to Clementine DeClancy and get her autograph. She annoys you and you tell her to disappear which in fact she does. So talk to Constable Dugan now.
  • Talk to Hugo, he is standing behind the theater curtain.
  • Enter the Theater Prop Stage. In one of the rooms there is a chest which contains the Archaic Symbol Note. Return it immediately to the Constable and he'll tell you that more people have disappeared.
  • Show him the note, a Mysterious Apparition appears and it will tell you its demands before it will release Clementine.
  • Talk to Constable Dugan one more time and he'll give you his Badge of the Constable, to give to Mayor Gummel.
  • Bring the Autograph of Clementine DeClancy to Hilda and tell her about Clemententine's vanishing. This ends the quest, you will be rewarded.
  • And finally to Mayor Gummel (on the opposite side of Hilda) and give him the Badge of the Constable
  • Keep talking to the Mayor and she'll give you What Does Eugenio Know? quest.

Journal Entry & Video Walkthrough

A theater affair
Villages and Heroes - Summers Hollow - A Theater Affair

Villages and Heroes - Summers Hollow - A Theater Affair